KOMPAK Pushes for Progress in 2018

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Published: 31/12/2018

(Photo: KOMPAK)

This year, across KOMPAK locations and partners our teams celebrated and showed commitment to International Women’s Day in a number of ways. Teams took photos holding their commitment slogan in all KOMPAK locations, integrated discussions on gender equality in to existing events and in Jakarta our team held a bazaar to sell handicrafts and products made by the amazing women from the PEKKA (Women Heads of Family Organization) community. Our team also joined a group of female cadres from PEKKA in Aceh to celebrate through reflection of the progress these women have made in the past year.

Women are taking on village leadership

To celebrate International Women’s Day in one of KOMPAK project locations, around 25 female village cadres from 4 sub districts in Bireun, Aceh gathered at the local Learning Centre to share experience on their advocacy work to influence village planning and budgeting process. These women have been trained and coached over the last eight months by the Academy Paradigta run by PEKKA supported by KOMPAK. In the past 18 months over 2,534 women have been trained from 464 villages in 7 provinces. These women, who are mostly female heads of household with low levels of education and are poor, have made impressive progress to learn about Village Law, mobilize women in their communities to advocate their needs and priorities through village planning and budgeting processes, and also provide demand-driven support to village governments in their daily jobs. These women have successfully increased the spending from village budgets for priority projects for women including to improve health and education facilities and establish a range of women’s economic empowerment initiatives. As a result of their contribution to village development, some of these women have been recruited to the village representative council (BPD), the village government and other important decision making positions in their village. When these women from Bireun were asked their favourite topics from the Paradigta modules that inspired them the most, they answered the modules related women’s reproductive health, women’s leadership and advocacy for village planning and budgeting.

In 2018, KOMPAK has increased human and financial resources to support our work in promoting gender equality as we Push for Progress!

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