Government of Aceh Province Launches Integrated e-Planning and e-Budgeting Application

Author: Meita Annissa
Published: 09/04/2019

Women in Aceh Barat are making handicrafts made from water hyacinth plants. (Photo: Meita Annissa / KOMPAK)

The Government of Aceh Province launched an integrated e-planning and e-budgeting application creating one system for the province and districts to be used, making the management of activities and budgets simpler, and more efficient and effective. This application redevelops an existing application, the e-Planning and Regional Financial Management Information System (e-Rencana and SIPKD) and will be used in the preparation of Aceh Regional Budget (APBA) in 2020, including for the planning and budgeting of the Aceh Special Autonomy Funds (DOKA).

Acting Governor of Aceh Nova Iriansyah in his remarks conveyed, the launch of the integrated e-planning and e-budgeting application was in line with his government's efforts to encourage transparency and accountability in the management of regional finances in accordance with the mandate of Permendagri No. 86 of 2017 concerning the procedures for planning control and evaluation of regional development.

The application will help in the preparation of work plans and budgets at the provincial and district/city levels and is expected to lead to more on target, timely, effective and efficient services. “We do all this to minimise the budget misuse from what has been planned,” acting Governor Iriansyah said.

The Government of Aceh Province has been using an e-planning application called e-Rencana since 2013. However, the e-Rencana application only goes as deep as the program and activity proposed, leaving open the possibility for irregularities and deviations in the activity details. Additionally, program references and priority activities funded by Special Autonomy Funds need to be bound to the 2008-2027 Master Plan for the Utilization of Aceh Special Autonomy Funds as revised by Aceh Governor Regulation Number 114 of 2018 at the provincial and district/city level.

This integrated e-planning and e-budgeting system is supported by a partnership between the Government of Australia and the Government of Indonesia through the KOMPAK Program. The system’s development was based on MoHA regulation 98 of 2018 regarding Regional Government Information System (SIPD) under the direction of the Directorate for Regional Development, Ministry of Home Affairs.

On the same occasion, Minister Counsellor Kirsten Bishop from the Australian Embassy welcomed the launching of this integrated e-planning and e-budgeting system. "We are from the Australian government, through the KOMPAK program, strongly support the Government of Indonesia in efforts to improve governance of basic services, village governance and economic opportunities in 7 provinces in Indonesia, one of which is Aceh. We hope that through the strengthening of integrated e-planning and e-budgeting, the Government can be more optimal in providing data-based services to the public, "she explained.

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