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Final of The Innovations for Service Improvement Awards: Five Sub-Districts Compete For Recognition In Service Provision

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Published: 05/01/2017

Jek-Duk Officers in Petungkriyono District (Photo: KOMPAK)

Five sub-districts in Pekalongan district moved forward to the final round of the Acceleration of Population Services Administration Innovation Competition in November 2016. The finalists included Talun, Tirto, Kedungwuni, Karangdadap, and Petungkriyono sub-districts. Initiated by KOMPAK and organized by Pekalongan District Government, the competition aimed to encourage government apparatus at the sub-districts level to deliver fast and simple legal identity services, particularly for obtaining identity cards (KTP), family cards, birth certificates, and death certificates.

Head of Governance of Pekalongan District Secretariat M. Arifin said, “With legal identity, people will be able to access basic services. For example, Petungkriyono is known as an economically poor region and is located in a difficult to access area, now we can give maximum support to its people. KOMPAK’s intervention encourages sub-district administration officers to better serve their people.”

There are 19 sub-districts in Pekalongan regency. The five finalists were selected through a rigorous selection process. In the final round, the finalists were represented by their respective district heads as the spokespersons. The judges were representatives from KOMPAK and researchers from the University of Indonesia’s Center for Child Protection Studies.

Talun sub-district won the award for its innovative program for Acceleration of Population Services Administration. Head of Talun Sub-district Ajid Suryo Pratondo established a Community Service Acceleration Task Force (Satgas PPM) to focus on better delivery of legal identity services. He even provided a legal umbrella for the program by issuing a sub-district head decree.

“The Satgas PPM’s task is to help people acquire legal identity documents quickly, easily and in an affordable way, as the community do not need to spend money on transportation to come to the Population and Civil Registration Agency (Dukcapil) located in Kajen. For instance, our outmost sub-district is located 33 kilometers from Kajen, the Pekalongan District capital,” Ajid said. He added that the members of the Satgas PPM would carry the documents to the Dukcapil Agency in Kajen then return them to the respective people once the documents were ready.

“Our officers are being pro-active. One day will not be enough for the villagers to process their legal identity documents and it will cost them between IDR100-150 thousands. Through Satgas PPM, they will not need to spend anything,” Ajid said.

Petungkriyono Sub-district Head Agus Purwanto launched Ojek Kependudukan (Jek-Duk) on 24 October 2016. It involves 25 members ready to help people acquire legal identity documents.

“It comprises of 16 Petungkriyono sub-district apparatus and the rests are village secretaries. Our officers are ready to help people who need to process the family cards, letter of movement, birth certificates, and death certificates. It is the Jek-Duk personnel who will take the villagers' documents to the district government office to be further processed at the Dukcapil Agency. Once it is done, the document will be returned to them. The process has become quicker, easier and cheaper. Our region is in a mountainous area and the roads are steep. It usually takes a long time and very costly to go to the district office,” he said.

Personnel of Jek-Duk, two of whom are women, always wear orange jackets while conducting their tasks. They ride on motorcycles to come to people’s houses on the slopes and valleys of the mountain ranges. As follow up, KOMPAK will integrate these innovations into policy options to be proposed to Pekalongan District Government.

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