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Evaluation of the Implementation of the Model Universitas Membangun Desa (UMD)

Author: KOMPAK
Published: 01/07/2021

This study is aimed at evaluating the UMD model in order to get the main learning points for increasing the effectiveness and dissemination of the UMD model in the future. The evaluation was carried out in three provinces, Aceh, East Java, and South Sulawesi where KOMPAK had supported the previous UMD model KKN trials. During the trial, the universities that received support were the Ar-Raniry State Islamic University (UIN) Banda Aceh in Aceh, Jember University (UNEJ) in East Java, Parahyangan Catholic University in West Java and UIN Alauddin Makassar in South Sulawesi. In South Sulawesi, the scope of this evaluation was expanded to see lessons learned in the implementation of the UMD model of KKN in Pangkajene and Islands (Pangkep) districts which specifically received technical support from KOMPAK. The Pangkep Government has signed an agreement on the implementation of the Thematic KKN UMD with a number of universities and invited KKN students from UNEJ to implement the UMD model. In this evaluation, the research team interviewed 61 respondents (40 male respondents, 21 female respondents), and made direct observations in seven villages in three provinces where UMD activities were carried out by University partner.

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