Articles of Covid-19 Response

Accelerating Social Assistance to Those in Need: Village Information System Integrations

Author: Paulus Enggal Sulaksono
Published: 05/08/2020

Sadia* (69 years old) smiled as she received a payment of A$60. With her old hand, she fingerprinted the recipients' list for the Village Fund Cash Assistance program (BLT-Dana Desa). Sadia, together with 184 residents of Rarang Selatan village, have been hit hard economically by the COVID-19 pandemic but are eligible for assistance. This is her second payment of BLT-Dana Desa. "I am grateful for this assistance. I have never received such a thing before," said Sadia.

According to Muhammad, the Head of Village Government Affairs, the Village Information System (SID) has helped the village to compile beneficiaries data for social assistance. The SID is an information management system operated by the village government. It stores data on members of the village, such as age, sex, income, disability status, and household size. This enables the village to get accurate statistics and records on population and vulnerable groups. Since 2016, Rarang Selatan village has been developing the SID with the support of the Lombok Timur District Government and KOMPAK.

"We collect data on individuals manually, going house to house, and then record this in the SID," explained Muhammad. The integration of data from the Civil Registration Office’s system,  called SIAK, with the SID in 2017 has helped to improve the quality and completeness of data available, helping to better inform the social assistance response to COVID-19.

"The SIAK data were juxtaposed with the SID as part of the verification and validation process. We found out that many of our residents did not have legal identity documents or some even have double ones," Muhammad added, noting that the village government – using Village Registration Volunteers and the Village Population Registration Officer – assisted residents to update their population documents.

This was also used to update the Integrated Social Welfare Database (DTKS). DTKS is used as part of the COVID-19 response to identifying recipients for social assistance programs managed by the Ministry of Social Affairs, including Conditional Cash Transfers (known as PKH) and Non-Cash Food Assistance (known as BPNT).

Since 2019, the Government of Rarang Selatan Village can easily verify and validate SIAK and DTKS data. "We share the periodic updates on the village website. The public can see the recipients of PKH, BPNT and other social assistance programs," said Muhammad.

According to Murniati, a member of the Village COVID-19 Task Force, "We only need to look at the SID to find out that there are 545 PKH and BPNT recipients. Now we can focus on collecting data on other poor and vulnerable families who were not listed. SID facilitates and accelerates our work."

In addition, Suhirman, the Deputy Chairperson of the Village Council, added, “The SID generates accurate data so the village development program can be right on target focusing on the needs of the community.”

*Names have been changed to maintain confidentiality

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