Social Accountability

Public consultation at the district, sub-district and village levels is a compulsory part of the planning process through the ‘musrenbang’, an annual community forum that aims to reach an agreement on program priorities for local government.

However, marginalised groups – including the poor, women and people with disabilities – are not contributing actively in many of these forums. To strengthen social accountability, KOMPAK:

  • Develops the confidence, skills and knowledge of female community members through the Paradigta Academy to take a more active role in the community, particularly in leadership positions;
  • Supports villages to establish groups for women and other marginalised persons - particularly women - so that they can collectively discuss and raise issues with their local government;
  • Uses PTPD (Village Governance Facilitator) to promote community participation in villages; and
  • Provides facilitation and training to community members - particularly those from marginalised groups - on village budgeting and planning.

KOMPAK Success 2022:

Communities - especially women, the poor and vulnerable - take action to push government and service units to improve the accessibility and quality of service. 


Promoting Local Innovations to Improve Inclusive Development


Kasmiati (62) could finally smile after her name was listed in the Aceh Health Insurance Program, as well as a beneficiary of a conditional cash transfer from the Ministry of Social Affairs. A resident of Blang Kuta Dua Meunasah village, Bireuen District, Kasmiati, can now finally access the benefits provided by the government’s social security program after her Village Registration Officers assisted in obtaining an official identity card for her.

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